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The classic centrifugal typed K pumps on monoblock connection with an electric motor B3/B14 or B3/B5 (flanged). The type depends on the horsepower. The connection is made with an extension which is placed on the electric motor’s shaft from a variety of materials depending on the liquid. A cobbler is not necessary so the process of alignment can be avoided. With this type of pump space and weight can be saved. The sealing is made with a mechanic charcoal-pottery or silicon-carbite sealing.



Production: Maximum capacity: 95 m3/h

Maximum pressure: 88 m


Pumped liquid’s maximum temperature: 200 οC


Components of construction:

1. Regular construction:

Volute: cast iron

Impellers: cast iron

Shaft: stainless AISI 420

2. Special construction:

Volute: phosphor bronze

Impellers: phosphor bronze

Shaft: stainless AISI 316

3. Special construction:

Volute: stainless steel AISI 316

Impellers: Stainless steel AISI 316

Shaft: stainless AISI 316




  • • Clear water

  • • 3rd stage wastewater from organic cleaning

  • • Water supply

  • • Irrigation

  • • Fire

  • • Shipping
  • • Industry

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